Conference papers include:

  • Approaches to the oscillating water column technology for the different stages of the development.
    Iturrioz A., Guanche R.,Vidal C. & I. J. Losada.
    E-proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress 2015, The Hague
  • Three-dimensional modelling of Tsunami waves with rigid vegetation.
    M. Maza J. L. Lara & I. J. Losada.
    36th IAHR WORLD CONGRESS 2015,, Delft.
  • Experimental and numerical analysis of potential sediment transport in vegetation patches.
    M. Maza J. L. Lara & I. J. Losada.
    International Workshop on Turbulence and Interactions in Marine Systems (TURBINTERMARS) 2015 ,Triestre
  • Numerical Modelling Of Coastal Protection Capacity of Mangrove Forest
    M. Maza J. L. Lara & I. J. Losada.
    Coastal Structures and Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2015, Boston.
  • Numerical modelling of flow-vegetation interaction under oscillatory and unidirectional flow.
    M. Maza J. L. Lara & I. J. Losada.
    3rd IAHR EUROPE CONGRESS 2014, Porto.
  • Experimental and numerical development of a floating multi-chamber OWC device.
    Iturrioz A., Guanche R., Armesto J.A., Vidal C. & I. J. Losada.
    Proceedings of the 10th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference 2013, Aalborg.
  • Wave Generation and Absorption with OpenFOAM®.
    P. Higuera, J. L. Lara & I. J. Losada.
    Proceedings ECCOMAS 2012, Viena.
  • Forces Induced on a Vertical  Breakwater by Incident Oblique Waves.
    J. L. Lara, M. Maza, P. Higuera, M. del Jesus, I. J. Losada & G. Barajas.
    Proceedings ICCE 2012, Santander.
  • Rip currents on a Barred Beach.
    A. Ruju, P. Higuera, J. L. Lara, I. J. Losada & G. Coco.
    Proceedings ICCE 2012, Santander.