IHWIND solver is a modification of OpenFoam@ standard solver SimpleFoam, considering Richard and Hoxey model as inflow boundary conditions. It is used for two dimensional homogeneous atmospherics boundary layer in neutral stratification.

The solver has the ability to consider different terrain characteristics considering different roughmess, attending to the terrain characteristics, or introducing the real geometry of buildings and significant terrain elements in order to simulate realistic cases, specially in harbor areas. The latter have required the development of a new methodology to transform SGI data to OpenFoam native.




IHWIND has been validate using several databases presented in literature, such as field data from Askervein Hill And Bolund experiments, and wind tunnel data from the University of Hamburg-CEDVAL and Tokyo Politechnic.

A module considering the transport of passive scalars have been also implemented, in order to increase the potential used of the model to study pollutant dispersal in harbors. An advection-diffusion equation has been incorporated to IHWIND and it has been validated using University of Hamburg-CEDVAL and Tokyio Polythecnic Database.